A Super Ordinary Brewhouse Production

Posted by Malia on January 17, 2013

Nearly a year ago, I sat down at my boyfriend Jake’s kitchen table and tried his very first homebrew. He’d been working hard on it for several months, researching recipes, compiling gear, and making countless trips to the brew store. And, of course, he was constantly sampling local beers for inspiration and industry analysis. His hard work paid off, because it was mighty delicious. I watched in awe as Jake dedicated his free time to improving his brews and refining his tastes for IPAs and other fancy beers that I couldn’t tell you the names of.

So, as Jake continued to perfect his methods, we had an idea. What if Myriad Media had its own beer? The question was quickly answered with high fives, fist pumps, and shouts in the affirmative. Okay, I might have been the only one doing fist pumps.

Needless to say, Jake and I spent no time waiting around. We crafted a recipe and started the brew. A few months later, we had a label design, a name, and a hoppy amber beer that was bottled and capped with love. Did I accidentally flood the kitchen counters with sanitizing solution one day? Maybe I did. Did I almost burn down Jake’s deck the following week? Possibly. But what’s important here is that this was an educational opportunity that also allowed us to provide nourishment for our friends and colleagues.

We’ve been sharing the Red-Headed Amber with our compadres since December. However, we’ve somehow managed to consume the entire batch, so it looks like we’re just going to have to hop on brew #2. Check back soon to learn about our brewing process for the first batch. We’re not going to give away our special ingredient, but we’ll try to teach you the basics.