O Christmas Three

Posted by Tina on December 22, 2014

Three families, three years… three hours of wrapping! It’s become a Myriad Media tradition to adopt several families over the holidays and then shop, wrap, and deliver a collection of goodies to SAFE Child before we leave for our own celebrations.

In 2012, Myriad was a handful of employees typing and singing and stumbling over one another in a windowless room on Glenwood Avenue. To be honest, it was a bit of a scrappy operation, but there was a sense of humility and joy that came from working in what felt like a communal living room. We got to know each other the way siblings do, the way that exposes quirks and peculiarities and forges them into something that looks a lot like love.

We knew we had something special, and that we probably owed one to the universe. The presents we bought made it too crowded to work, so we spent the day wrapping, talking, and enjoying one another’s company. I was so excited that year, because we got the kids a freakin’ Playstation!

In 2013, we moved into our new office in downtown Raleigh, an expansive space filled with windows and light and fancy office chairs, and along with the move came a renewed sense of obligation. This hardworking group—which expanded considerably in 2013—certainly earned it, but it was hard not to feel like we might have a bit of luck on our side, too.

So, we repeated the process with more folks and more toys. That year, though, Playstation was OUT and Xbox was in.

And in 2014, Myriad’s joy only grew. We adopted 3 families, and gave each 3 gifts: A coat or sweater, plus toys, stuffed animals, Play-Doh… the fun stuff! My kid asked for a Nicholas Sparks book.

This year, as it does every year, our visit to SAFE Child reminds us: We’re so fortunate to have landed here, and we know that “here” only represents the latest bit in a long line of fortunate things all strung together. For that, we’re thankful.

From our place to yours, Happy Holidays.