Slingshot: Feeling Great

Posted by Tina on October 29, 2012

Ideas for videos come to us in all sorts of ways. Once, from a basic stick-figure sketch where the individuals looked more like potatoes than people. One time, from an ad on a website, seeking a link for a client who was interested in a video for something completely unrelated. Often, ideas claw their way up from deep within the belly of a book. But our newest project popped into brains and off tongues with rapidity characteristic of its very nature.

A few months ago, my friend Jenny Bonchak introduced me to her new line of cold-brew coffee. After the launch, I brought a few bottles of the stuff, aptly named Slingshot, to share at Myriad. Around two, I heard the clink of glasses during the post-lunch brain slump, as everyone scrambled to try the new concoction. I had my cup earlier that morning, and I waited eagerly for a reaction.

Suddenly, Will—our laid back, baseball-cap-wearing president—came careening toward my desk. With a yard of space between both feet and his knees slightly bent, Will eyed me, ready to sprint. “Tina. This stuff is damn good. I feel… GREAT!”

I looked up from my computer and smiled, knowing what would come next. On cue, the words rapid and staccato, Will fired the charge: “It could be the coffee talking… and sometimes I get ahead of myself… but… I think we should do a video for these folks!”

I called Jenny the next day, and told her what a magic elixir it was.