Breaking Down Agency Silos: Why Your Accountant Should See Your Creative Brief

Posted by Jedidiah Gant on June 26, 2018

“Every single one of us can think of a commercial or 90 where we watched it for the very first time and our first reaction was, ‘Girl, they didn’t ask nobody about that damn commercial before they put that out.’ If you keep asking those two or three people at the very top what their opinion is, that’s the only perspective you’re going to get.”

Show Notes

On today’s episode Media Strategist Jedidiah Gant chats with Myriad’s Finance Administrator Alex Hopkins. They discuss why celebrating and including diverse voices from across your agency will create better videos for clients.


Recording Engineers: Hillary Scott & Melissa Douglas

Editor: Melissa Douglas

Producer: Hillary Scott




JED: Welcome Alex.

ALEX: Thanks, Jed, thanks for having me.

JED: Good, great to have you here. We’re going to talk a lot of things about you, Mr. Alex, and maybe some other things too. I’m sure it’s going to be a lot of the conversation because it always is with you.

ALEX: Me? No.

JED: You, yes. You’re going to have to stay still for about 25 minutes. I hope that’s okay.

ALEX: Ooh, it’s a challenge. Y’all are bringing a real challenge this morning.

JED: We’re going to get to that fun stuff, but let’s talk about some other stuff first. Basically, I’d like to know a little bit more about your background and how you ended up here at Myriad.

ALEX: Sure. Well, I actually have a history degree by education — thanks NC State — which has always been my passion. It really led me into fields where I would basically be able to synthesize a lot of data and put it back in a digestible format. A lot of admin is like that. I have a lot of love for details and just a lot of information, and so I kind of naturally fell into the agency and marketing world just from people that I knew, that I knew that I would enjoy working with and had environments that I felt like I would thrive in. I kind of tumbled happenstance into this field, but I’ve been in operations, admin, and finance in the marketing world, specifically creative agencies for about 13 years now.

JED: How did you get into finance from history?