5 Cornerstone Questions to Answer Before You Create a Video

Posted by Jeremy Wingle on August 21, 2018
Prior to beginning a video project, ask yourself these cornerstone questions to form consensus among your key marketing stakeholders.

Context. Target audience. Best Approach. Key differentiator. Seeking understanding in these pivotal areas will help you develop and create video content that reaches your prospects in an authentic way throughout the buyer’s journey, aids in establishing metrics to track your success, and highlights your unique brand voice.

Once you have these details covered, the rest will come naturally — and then you can break out the camera and gear.

Should I make a video? Is video the best medium for this message?

According to Forrester Research, “a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.” Video is a great medium to stimulate the senses, tell a story, and make an emotional impact on your brand’s target audience. Producing a video can be a big investment and its prudent to consider when video is the best modality for the message you must communicate.

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