17 Things You Didn’t Know About Myriad Media

Posted by Ricardo Roberts on May 29, 2013


  1. We were producing video before the dancing baby was born… and even before Google.
  2. Our CFO, Asit, goes vegetarian every Tuesday (a lucky day for him).
  3. Show, don’t tell: Our executive producer, Tony, just installed solar panels on his home.
  4. We don’t throw office parties, we throw dance parties.
  5. Our president hates that word and prefers to be called “co-worker.”
  6. We miss shooting on 16mm film… but hey, the FS700 or RED Epic isn’t too bad either.
  7. Go Carolina Tarheels!
  8. Our copywriter, Tina, goes nuts for goat cheese.
  9. Our motion graphics dude vibes out to techno while cranking out the After Effects.
  10. Our office manager will kill you if you don’t recycle!
  11. Our creative director and senior, Daniel, is 6’4”. Damn, that’s tall!
  12. Our Ecuadorian marketing director loves pig feet soup & ceviche.
  13. 4 of our staff are Appalachian State grads. One in ’89, two in ’90, and one in ’09.
  14. 2 of our staff are Carolina grads. A) That’s the best school ever. B) It has the best basketball team.
  15. 3 of our staff are ECU grads. We like to party.
  16. We have a total of one NC State grad on staff : Chris Young. Yay Chris!
  17. Malia from marketing robs stores with her coupon skills.