A Thank You Video

Posted by Ricardo Roberts on July 25, 2013

Okay. Producing a video in one month is extremely difficult to do. You have to factor in pre-production, production and post. If done correctly, those three steps take time. Typically, we give important, complex projects 2-3 months from inception to completion.

Well, we were recently charged with producing EIGHT videos in one month for BASF, one of our flagship clients. Unafraid and too willful to back down, we geared up and took on what seemed to be an impossible challenge.

The project involved:

One last-minute trip to Iowa and many hours driving around trying to find farms in the middle of nowhere.

Poring over 350+ clips of corn, wheat and soybean stock footage. Which, by the way, is enough to make you go cross-eyed.

Fifteen interviews and eight full days of shooting.

4 all-nighters.

Over 1 terabyte of footage.

3 editors working simultaneously on the same videos, with one of them logging over 150 hours of editing in a two week time-frame (he was working on other projects, too).

Countless mugs of strong, black Slingshot coffee.

Somehow, we were able to get it all done. In turn, BASF went out of their way to produce a video for us. We were speechless and very grateful to know that after all, it was worth it.

We see it like this: Our job is to make your job easy. And if that means a couple of sleepless nights—we ain’t scared.