ADDY Awards 2014 – Looking Back

Posted by Malia on March 3, 2014

Family is an interesting term that gets tossed around a lot. It means so many different things these days. What was once the standard—a husband, wife, kids, maybe a dog—is not so standard anymore. I think we have all grown up with different variations of what the word means, and over time, I think its meaning can take different forms.


I started working at Myriad about three years ago, and I am lucky to say that I knew I wanted to be a part of this family during my first week. I remember when Tina and I were sitting in our old conference room for “Myriad Orientation: Day One” with Ricardo and Will. Something just kind of clicked. It wasn’t an orientation about how to upload video files to our server or how to operate the phone system. It was an orientation about what kind of values Myriad stood for. These guys were all best friends, and had been since they were in college. They were passionate about their clients and about producing the best possible work, but they also cared very deeply for each other. They hung out at work, and they chose to hang out after work; they knew one another’s kids and wives; they played practical jokes on one another, and witnessed embarrassing moments. They supported each other through the hard stuff. And perhaps most importantly, they kept one another laughing hysterically. Always.

When you are going to spend 75% of your day somewhere, it needs to be in a place like that, with people like that.


So, the following year, we all found ourselves at the American Advertising Federation awards, known ’round these parts as the ADDYs.  IMG_0521That was around the time of my one-year anniversary with my inappropriately humored, good-hearted, slightly insane Myriad family. I remember that we won some awards, and that we were all elated, but I couldn’t tell you what awards we came away with. What I do remember is that I had more fun that night than I’d had in a long time. We were so proud of one another, and we certainly celebrated the night in true Myriad form. We ate great food, had a continuous flow of good drinks, and kept each other buckled over with laughter. We ended the night busting out our best moves at a bar in downtown Raleigh, and one of us even sprained an ankle on the dance floor. I think that set the precedent for the ADDYs.


Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 3.37.28 PMThe tradition has continued each February. Last year, it was in Durham, and our crew was even bigger. Take a walk down memory lane here. Luckily, there were no sprained ankles that year, but we got to see Tina in a tux, we got to celebrate Kent’s first week at Myriad in style, and we came away with a gold for our video about Slingshot Coffee, one of our favorite videos ever produced.



So this year, we had to go bigger… of course. The ladies left the office late that afternoon to get dolled up with some “pre-pro” time at Tina’s house downtown. Once we met up with the fellas, the music came on, more drinks were poured, and the shenanigans began.


Calavera was our next stop before eventually winding our way to the Lincoln Theatre. We were pretty loud… and pretty rowdy. Our dance moves had come out long before we made it to the venue. When we finally made it to our seats—and ended up taking over an entire section (sorry, AAF!)—the music came on, lights started flickering, and we were a lost cause.

We won some awards that we’re awfully proud of, listed below. That pride and happiness continued throughout the night. Watching our producers, DPs, editors, and creatives walk onto the stage to accept awards for the projects they spent all year putting their hearts and souls into is the best feeling in the world. Getting to work with people who are so passionate about what they do and who care about everyone so much is a special thing.

We ended that night at Buku, encompassing a giant table, eating amazing food, toasting to an incredible year with an awesome group, and probably causing a ruckus—sorry for that, Carla, Josh, and patrons of Buku 🙂

So, cheers to you, Myriad Gang. You are my craziest family and my best friends in the world. Each year at the ADDYs, I look back at where we have been and where we are going… and I have to say, it makes this gal pretty proud. I cannot wait for next year; I think we might be on the path to getting kicked out of the venue in 2015, and I fully support that.

If you’d like to relive the night along with us, take a look at the video Ryan made, which sums up the experience well:

The final count for Myriad Media was:

  • Gold ADDY – Digital Advertising, Branded Content, More than 60 seconds – Babylon
  • Gold ADDY – Public Services – Single Medium Campaign – Live United
  • Gold ADDY – Elements of Advertising, Cinematography – Syngenta’s Advanced Crop Lab
  • Gold ADDY – Elements of Advertising, Cinematography – Babylon
  • Silver ADDY – Sales Promotion, Audio / Video Sales Presentation – Syngenta’s Advanced Crop Lab
  • Bronze ADDY – Digital Advertising, Branded Content, More than 60 seconds – Oak City Cycling
  • Bronze ADDY – Public Services, Digital Advertising – Ready, Set, Action
  • Bronze ADDY – Elements of Advertising, Cinematography – Oak City Cycling
  • Bronze ADDY – Elements of Advertising, Sound, Music Only – Ready, Set, Action