Day 47: They Still Don’t Know I’m an Intern

Posted by Tyler Hayes on August 7, 2015

Just kidding, everyone knows I’m an intern. The marketing intern, more specifically. But there’s something to say about the notable lack of intern-ness present in anything these guys have put me up to so far. I have yet to refill a printer, manage someone’s calendar, or bring anyone coffee that I didn’t already feel like bringing coffee to (although I may have been taken advantage of as a morale booster after losing a few games of ping pong). And after nearly two months, I’ve accrued only one nickname, courtesy of Mr. Feichter. Which begs the question… what exactly have I been doing over in that corner desk, with the sticker-clad Nalgene bottle and miniature book collection? Just what is a marketing intern?

Let’s start with the second question.

Being a graphic design student, I joined the Myriad team as the marketing intern to gain some experience with marketing and branding strategies. In other words, when a creative company needs to make friends in professional and social avenues, there are smart and less smart ways to go about it. I’m interested in the smart ones.

The most fundamental principle of graphic design is knowing your audience and, by extension, being able to communicate effectively to it. At Myriad, we’re interested in communicating as much about our work as we are about ourselves as people. We believe branding goes much deeper than colors and letters. #MyriadOrange should stand for the team’s personality, values, and goals both as a creative agency and as individuals. For me, interning here has been hardcore practice in applying the same design principles I’ve been studying for years to a professional environment and strategizing the best ways to communicate abstract ideas to the rest of our community.

When I first joined the Myriad team this summer, I was tasked with what seemed to be a delightfully open-ended set of responsibilities. After cutting my teeth on some behind-the-scenes research on potential clients, markets, and opportunities for growth, I would be taking creative liberty on some of Myriad’s own social media and marketing directives, and would have the opportunity to collaborate with our production intern, Kristen, on a big-time project that was still shrouded in mystery… *deep breath.* Kristen and I are now well underway on developing our brainchild and, to say the least, it’s been an opportunity to learn just how many things can go right (or wrong) with any project in a professional production environment. For those who are curious, there are many, many things.

So far, I’ve worked to dissect and define the meaning behind the Myriad brand, while developing new social media campaigns to represent the good folks here at 410 S Salisbury. I’ve gotten my hands dirty and my brain sore creating a case study for a flagship project completed earlier this year, and spent long hours researching new directions and opportunities for the team to explore. And, of course, I’ve had some (mostly) healthy fun and made some good friends while doing it.

Between aggressive ping-pong matches, camping out in the sunny reading nook, empanada runs, delicious home-brews, CreativeMornings, scooter dodging, bi-weekly creative lunches (affectionately known as almuerzo creativos), and, of course, Friday afternoon’s “Draper Hour,” I’ve gotten to know Myriad as a place where hard work thrives next to camaraderie.

Here’s hoping my final few days don’t race by too quickly.