Draper Day

Posted by Tina on April 25, 2014


A few weeks ago, I responded to an inquiry from our fearless leader, Will Feichter, with one of my own: WWDDD (What Would Don Draper Do?). He responded with a lengthy explanation, something about crisp white shirts and a pitch to Silhouette Brassieres and meeting a piano teacher for “a nooner,” a phrase which I actually just Googled and will not repost here.

Around the same time, Malia was working her marketing magic, considering ways to trick the entire staff into attending a company-wide rollout of new processes. What better way to entice participation than early-morning Jamison, suits and ties, and midday naps? And so, Draper Day—an event I hope becomes a tradition—was born.


Clockwise, from left to right: Betty Draper wonders where she’s placed her shotgun; a little morning pick-me-up; said pick-me-up fueling a rousing morning meeting; two dapper young creatives; the ladies using the latest technology while sporting the latest fashions.



The ladies of the house.


Though we may have been acting silly, I think we looked pretty sharp. After perfecting our posture and straightening our ties all day, I think we all went home feeling a little more empowered (if not a little drowsy).

“You want some respect? Go out and get it for yourself.” WWDDD.