Gone Till November

Posted by Ricardo Roberts on October 17, 2012

These have been interesting, busy times. I don’t remember another time when we’ve been called out in the field to shoot so many interesting topics for a collection of national brands. Here’s a quick list:

• Shooting 81 interviews for Whole Foods in a single day. Topic: Cheese. Which reminds me, go try the Vermont 3 Year Cheddar Cheese from Trader Joe’s. It’s pretty awesome and a really good deal!

• Red Bull commissioned us to do a short video about Terry Adams, a gold-medal BMXer in the X-Games. The shoot incorporated both campuses of UNC and NCSU in one day. Who would’ve thought the hardest part would be finding a flat area for him to ride on? Seriously, it had to be absolutely flat.

• We shot some footage with a certain young NBA star that is from Raleigh. Our vendor agreement states we can’t reveal his name, but he’s Raleigh born and bred. Think about it.

Fun. Now, there’s a storm brewing with talk of shoots in Toronto; Kenya; NYC; Camden, NJ; Instanbul; Las Vegas, NV; Stamford, CT; Austin, TX… and that’s not even all of them. Whew!

Like the old Wyclef Jean song, I guess we’ll be gone till November.