Myriad Media’s New Office

Posted by Tina on May 17, 2013

304 Glenwood Avenue was the home of Myriad Media for over sixteen years. But, as our clan expanded from single digits to double, the cozy little outpost on Glenwood South just wasn’t cutting it anymore. We were holding meetings in hallways, and I was getting really good at collecting parking tickets. So began the search for the perfect new office!

Happily, we found a new home in the Alfred Williams Building, at 410 S. Salisbury Street. With dedicated parking, windows—so many windows!—and conference rooms galore, we finally have enough room to play ping pong AND get work done at the same time. Well, some of us, that is.

Stop by and let us buy you lunch, or bring your laptop and work with us for a few hours. And, if you still need convincing, Will, Tony, and Ricardo made a short video about where we’re at, and why it means a lot to them: