Myriad Way # 7: Do More with Less

Posted by Malia on April 15, 2013

Working with the Triangle YMCA is always a blast. For one of our most recent projects, we created a short, playful piece to promote their upcoming summer camps. The challenge at hand was finding a way to use existing photography rather than shooting any new video footage. The solution?  Quirky animation and custom music, put together by our creative masterminds, Hung Le and Daniel Cook.

Storyboards can be very helpful at the start of animation projects. They get everyone on the same page in terms of the art direction, messaging, and specific actions. It’s much easier to spend a little extra time up front than it is to go back into the animation and make major changes. Below are a few of the frames from Le’s initial storyboard:




Le added movement and life to the spot by animating small elements of the photos. He also created motion graphics that complimented the YMCA’s branding and and helped transition one scene to the next. While Le was working on the animation, Daniel created three original music scores that he felt matched the feel of the storyboard.

After Le finished the animation, they chose the music that was best suited for the spot and Daniel fine-tuned the sound design. He used everything from keyboards to banjos to tambourine. Check out his hilarious video about how he created the custom music score.

Take a look at the final spot to see how a collection of still photographs can transform into a fun, energetic, and lively video. Every time I watch, I notice something new. The small details in the animation and sound design are what make this piece one of my favorites.