Myriad’s 20th Birthday Party

Posted by Tina on September 18, 2013

As some of you may know, Myriad Media celebrated its 20th birthday in August of this year. We commemorated this mega-milestone with dance parties, company lunches, and photographic timelines that sprawled the length of our office (I don’t know how I got stuck with the fart joke taped on my door, but apparently, it had something to do with the year 2003).

We even turned the celebration outward, opening our doors for the 2013 AIGA Studio Tour this September. With friends old and new, we’ve shared cake pops and soda pop. We’ve had Italian ices and icy gin + tonics. We reminisced about old memories, and made a ton of great new ones. Thanks for being a part of the celebration with us.

While a lot has happened over the last two decades—did you know Myriad Media is older than Facebook and Youtube combined?—one thing has remained the same: The folks at Myriad Media remain as tight as family, and are as serious about having fun as they are about doing good work.

It’s not every year that your company turns twenty, so this weekend, we all took a trip to Busch Gardens to celebrate.

There were a few first timers:

And some seasoned veterans:

A little bit of brain freeze:

And some good ol’ discombobulation:

Some bumper cars:

And some bumping into one another:

A good dose of fright:

But most of the screaming was done for joy (OK, and maybe a little fear, too):

So, to everyone who has celebrated with us, thank you. It has been a wild ride. Twenty might have been a milestone, but I hear 21 is when things really get fun. Happy Birthday, Myriad Media!