Posted by Malia on August 28, 2013

Hey, friends. Some of you may have read about Todd recently, our insanely awesome Summer Production Intern. Last week, Todd shared his final video, which he has been working on over the course of his internship. Below is his summary of how it all came together, as well as his final video. Not gonna lie, I came pretty dang close to shedding a tear while watching it. It is incredibly well done and I am so proud of the guy. I could get all sentimental in this post and talk about how rad Todd is, but I will let his words and video speak for themselves 🙂

Around mid-July, I began planning for a video that I would be showing on my last day at Myriad. When I was informed about the project on my first day, I received rough guidelines about the project. The most important being how long it should be (2-3 minutes) and what it should highlight (downtown Raleigh).

The beginning stages of this project involved finding videos to inspire the project’s subject matter and visual style. When looking at videos that struck a specific cord with me, I knew that I wanted the video to have a narrative that has universal appeal. I liked the idea of exploring downtown Raleigh from a couple’s perspective, or from the perspective of a guy and gal meeting each other for the first time and planning a day with each other together. The beginning of planning out this project also involved finding what exactly I wanted to shoot. To capture the energy and life of downtown Raleigh, I knew I needed to go to events in the area. I ultimately settled on shooting First Friday at the beginning of August, and continued to look at videos for inspiration, as it was very open-ended at this point.

Shooting First Friday was a lot of fun. I went out to shoot around 6:00 p.m., excited for the night ahead. Although I was timid in the beginning, I began to get a lot of great footage and felt more comfortable shooting as the night went on. While filming, I was still piecing together what I wanted the narrative to be. After filming in a night club, the idea of a guy planning a day to spend with a lady he likes came to mind. The night club exuded a sense of rebellion, happiness, friendship, love, and freedom—all of which I believe to be potential components of a dream date night for somebody.

The idea of getting wrapped up in a girl and dreaming of all these things you could do has fascinated me for quite some time. I decided to stick with that idea and film the woman that the guy in the video is talking about. I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted from this footage, so I made sure to get a variety of shots with her. After I got all the footage, I began writing the narrative. I reflected on certain moments captured during First Friday to help shape what I was writing.  It was cool seeing how the project continued to evolve as I progressed.  The planning led to the way I filmed First Friday, the way I filmed First Friday led to the way I wrote the narration, etc.

It was tough going through all the hours of footage I had from First Friday and choosing the few clips that would make the video. I’m certain there are other clips that could work better than others, but with the time I allocated for editing, I couldn’t get the piece quite like I wanted. Nonetheless, I’m proud of this piece. I feel the narration compliments the visuals well, and the sense of capturing life’s little moments—and how these moments are all around us all the time—comes across well. I believe this video can be meaningful to certain people, and that’s the most rewarding thing of all for me.