We’re Headed to Edge City!

Posted by Will on October 17, 2014

Part of what makes work meaningful is the adventure and ongoing newness of it all. What are you seeing and who are you learning from to inform or change your view of the world? This sense of adventure is the reason why Myriad Media is hyped to open an office in Vancouver, BC. It’s a big tilt, perhaps a risky one, but if not now—when?

Iconic Siwash Rock in Vancouver's Stanley Park
Iconic Siwash Rock in Vancouver’s Stanley Park


 …adventure is the reason why Myriad Media is hyped to open an office in Vancouver, BC

This west coast “outcropping” is about experiences that will fulfill, yet challenge our people. This pairs well with workplace trends that plainly tell us what today’s co-workers desire: learning and growth, trust and meaning, and flexibility and inclusion. Our vision for getting there is to work in the world’s best cities, partner with game-changing creative talent and to build relationships with interesting clients who share a common set of values.

With an estimated 24,000 digital media jobs, a burgeoning production community for major films/TV (Godzilla, Fantastic Four, Arrow, Battlestar Galactica), and consistent “Top 5″ world rankings for quality of life, Vancity is a logical choice for Myriad (in spite of its far west coast commute).

“Vancouver. Edge city. A territory on the geographic and cultural periphery. A place
where people come to escape the confines of convention and a place with a
unique aptitude for freethinking, incubating and instigating.”

Vancouver Design Week

That context perfectly sums our feel for Vancouver and is why we decided to invest in this particular locale. Since Myriad Media’s experimental pings began in June of 2013, it was the city’s hard-to-describe positive energy that encouraged our minds to wander and wonder. It’s a mix of fresh pacific air buffeted by the nearby North Shore mountains, a definitive inclination towards progress, and a natural, easy west coast posture.

The vibe is palpable as you walk the streets and seawalls, whether on the morning walking commute to our office in historic Gastown, a bike trek around Stanley Park, or a quick meeting over caffeine at one of the many outstanding coffee shops within eyesight of each other.

A seawall stroll, our digs in Gastown and random public beach art in Stanley Park
A seawall stroll, our digs in Gastown and random public beach art in Stanley Park


In fact, Vancouver’s cool lean is nicely demonstrated by the way these very shops seem to operate not as competitors, but as a community striving to create quality experiences: reethinking, incubating and instigating.

Siwash Collage 1
According the Yelp there are 256 coffee shops in Vancouver


I can attest one feels particularly good to be in the city. Indeed, Vancouver seems to be a different sort of lab. Take thoughtful curiosity, mix it with a focus on progress, then wrap it up in a friendly demeanor and you’ve got a dynamic of goodness and possibility. That’s the type of mentality we’ll need to create the best future we can. For example, I love how the city’s political leadership has declared Vancouver will be the greenest city in the world by 2020. Ahhhhhh… the wonder of tilting at a big, important goal to benefit the common good.

{Curiosity + Progress} Friendly = Possibilities

the Vancouver equation

One last thing… it’s important to note that while we’re headed to locations such as Vancouver and NYC, we will always be the same laid-back folks from Raleigh with super ordinary haircuts.

We look forward to sharing more of what we learn and how we grow from our Vancouver venture.

Note: This post would be woefully incomplete without credit to my colleagues Ricardo Roberts and Tony Cope and their “bias towards action” on this front.