The Myriad Mentorship

Posted by Malia on February 1, 2016

We get a lot of questions about our internship program. This is an overview of our program’s mission as well as a look at some of our past internship projects. We’ll be posting our summer application this week, stay tuned!

Internship Program Goals

The Myriad Mentorship is a three-month-long summer internship program designed to help interns increase their knowledge and experience in a real-world, creative business setting. Interns have a mentor (a full-time Myriad employee) who directly oversees their work on a day-to-day basis. The primary goals of the mentorship program are:

    • HELP PEOPLE: This is Myriad Way Number One. We want to give great opportunities to smart, talented, hardworking people. The folks at Myriad want to give back to the community that has helped them get to where they are today.
    • TEACH: We want our interns to be challenged every day. Our internship is centered around interactive education. Ensuring that every intern comes away with knowledge, experience, and new skills in their field of interest is important to us. When interns are not working on real-world assignments, they’ll have access to things like online training courses, reading materials, production gear and inspirational videos catered to their discipline. Many of the day-to-day projects and opportunities will be based on their level of experience, skill set, career goals, and summer schedule (see the bottom of this post for examples of past projects completed by our interns).
    • INSPIRE: We want our interns to leave the program with the desire to keep growing. We want to show them what’s possible, as well as provide the encouragement and support for them to get there. We are passionate about what we do and we want to help interns discover and pursue what they are passionate about.
    • BUILD RELATIONSHIPS: Internships allow us to build relationships with talented individuals over time. We want to find people who we can trust—and who can trust us. We want to work with team members who share similar values and inspire us every day. We like working with people who challenge us to think and see things differently, and who are humble and willing to learn from others, too.

Interested in seeing some of the projects our amazingly talented interns have done in the past?

  • Kristen and Tyler were our 2015 Summer Interns. Read this blog post to learn more about Tyler’s experience as our Marketing Intern. Read this blog post to learn more about Kristen’s experience as our Production Intern. They worked collaboratively to create a micromedia spec piece. Take a look below:
  • 2015 Internship Video from Myriad Media on Vimeo.

  • Sam was our 2014 Summer Production Intern. Read this blog post to learn more about his experience at Myriad, and take a look at his final video project below:

  • Todd was our 2013 Summer Production Intern. Read this blog post to learn how Todd approached his final video project below:
  • Luke was our 2013 Summer Marketing Intern. He focused on improving our social media and digital strategy. For his final project, he researched and wrote all of the content in this white paper.