Asit Sharma

CFO, Strategic Advisor

About Asit

How can a blank page and a blue Bic Cristal generate bliss?

Asit works with Myriad Media on finance and strategic direction. His favorite memoir is Speak, Memory. Born in 1970, Asit spent many happy early childhood hours recording LPs onto TDK “3600” reel-to-reel tapes with his father. He won the long jump in second grade. High school was difficult but he learned to play the alto and soprano saxophones. In college he found a good pair of blue jeans and emphatically believed that he was constructed of a secret, indestructible material. This wasn’t revealed to him in a dream, but he knew it all the same.

Today he drives a small car, rides a yellow Motobecane road bike (stopping gingerly at intersections), drinks black coffee, and is always vegetarian on Tuesdays – a lucky day for him. He rediscovers the universe each evening through his amazing wife and three young sons. He believes that following one’s curiosity to exhaustion is noble. Late night is for writing in unlined journals, the covers of which are typically torn and scuffed-up. How can a blank page and a blue Bic Cristal generate bliss? And yet they do. As for music, almost everything, but for the moment, vintage Sun Ra — if you have time, check out a track entitled “Outer Space Employment Agency.”

While he is by profession a number cruncher: Asit’s favorite activity at Myriad is testing a business idea or decision against the principles of the Myriad Way. It fascinates him that Myriad’s culture is spoken like a language, and permeates the big stuff and the small. He also loves the creative energy of the place: witness the seven or eight different handshakes you get, from jive to hip to deadpan cold fish, just coming through the door.