Molly Feichter

Sanity Manager

About Molly

Don’t challenge Molly to a game of The Settlers of Catan

Molly joined Myriad Media in 2011, and brought to the company more organization, structure and sustainable thinking. Molly’s strong administrative skills have increased budgeting efficiency and have fostered a more environmentally conscientious staff. With loads of encouragement and praise from Molly, Myriad employees can now proudly differentiate between Type 1 and Type 5 plastic. In other words, Molly keeps us in check.

Molly graduated from Appalachian State University with a BS in Communication Arts. Molly might be the overall favorite person at Myriad, because she reimburses us for our expenses, lets us know when it’s OK to splurge on the company card, and brings us colorful groceries once a week. A true mom, she usually pushes the fruits and vegetables, but if you ask nicely, she’ll pick you up something sweet.

Office tip: Don’t challenge Molly to a game of The Settlers of Catan, unless you want to end up without any brick, ore, or sheep. She’s also the go-to person if you have any questions about local politics, and she will always remind you to vote.