Scott Gaston

Motion Graphics Designer

About Scott

Coming soon: a restaurant called Pantera: Soft sandwiches for hard rockers.

Scott took his first class in animation when he was in third grade, and he hasn’t looked back since. His first animation, hand drawn frame-by-frame, was a man getting shot out of a cannon and hitting a telephone pole.

Scott was born in Atlanta, but raised in Asheville (home of popular children’s games like Febreeze Tag and Hide and Go Smoke). Scott moved to Raleigh in 2005, where he graduated from NC State with a major in Art and Design. During the interview process, he showed up with a bunch of paintings. One of which was still wet.

Scott loves sports… football, basketball, anything with a board. Although tennis intrigues him, he doesn’t understand why it has the weakest trophies (“Congratulations on all your hard work, now take this punchbowl!”). Scott once ran a marathon. In Italy. It was awesome, but he got beat by a really old guy who didn’t have any shoes on. He also received “Most Improved” player on his soccer team three years in a row. He must have started off really bad.

Scott’s goals for the coming year include designing a taco emoji, completing a recipe for Deep Fried Ranch, and opening a restaurant called Pantera: Soft sandwiches for hard rockers.