Tony Cope


About Tony

Tony doesn’t just love his work, he needs it.

Tony grew up as a faculty brat in his dad’s college theater. He learned to love the fluidity of that world, and the magic that can come from the orchestration of small elements. Tony also learned, from a very young age, that he’s a terrible actor. His own father would never give him a call back.

Tony grew up shooting film and editing tape to tape. He doesn’t miss the barriers to fluid creativity those mediums presented, but it was the perfect training for fundamental preparation. Luck favors the prepared.

Telling another person’s story is Tony’s thing. He doesn’t think there’s a greater thrill than to bring a spark from someone to life, even if just for just a few minutes on screen. He loves the whole process—the conversations, the odd bits of their life on a shelf, the lighting in their home or the strange habits they’ve developed. The details that build the story.

Tony has lived with rural farmers in Honduras, and followed a doctor in Haiti. He’s been to the rougher parts of southern Brazil, New Orleans, St. Louis, and Baltimore. The hope that lives in such environments has made him an eternal optimist.

Tony’s favorite clients are the ones with tragedy, beauty, and a firm resolve to make life better, like Stop Hunger Now, Sustainable Harvest International, Polka Dot Mama, ACLU, and various programs within the IBM Foundation. There’s a natural synchronicity with his passion for the environment, education, and equality. Telling those stories gives Tony a solid base for hope. He doesn’t just love his work, he needs it.