Art Camp



Art Camp is a dark comedy mockumentary series following a young woman who infiltrates a secluded mountain art school to discover the truth about her estranged father.

Our mission with Art Camp is to craft a narrative that stands apart from the norm, while embracing the influences and styles of our core team. We set out to blend PBS-style, voiceover-driven documentary with narrative cinema because that sounded both unique and challenging. This gave us a platform to stretch our skills in new, unexpected ways, and to grow together as creators.

After numerous brainstorm sessions and script revisions, our team trekked out to the legendary Penland School of Craft, an art school deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, for 5 days of production. It was a memorable shoot: early morning timelapses of the mountain along with late night, whiskey fueled jam sessions.

As we finalize the pilot episode, we are incredibly proud of where Art Camp has landed. The series was accepted into the Screen Forward Labs at IFP, a year long incubator that has us pitching 1 on 1 to executives at major TV networks and digital platforms at the Project Forum of IFP Week in NYC (AMC, Sundance TV, and SXSW among others).

The end goal for this project is to drum up interest, financing, and partners to finish the first season of this as a web series. We’ve envisioned a silly and frightening journey for our characters, and we intend to bring that to life.

Follow along at to learn more as we continue this journey.