Dix Park 360


Making the Incredible, Credible

As part of our ‘Making the Incredible, Credible’ campaign for Dix Park, we created a pair of 360 videos for them to promote the park and transport Raleigh residents into the park from anywhere.

The Dix Park team debuted the Unicorns 360 video as part of an experiential booth they set upĀ at the 2017 SPARKcon street festival in Downtown Raleigh. Thousands of visitors of all ages toured the park, and virtually petted unicorns, through the 360 videos displayed in Samsung Gear headsets.

As well, the park put together a road show tour of Raleigh community centers and public gatherings in 2018 to promote the planning process for the park. The 360 videos were a key part of this tour, giving residents all across the area a chance to get a glimpse into the opportunities at the park and ways to get involved in the planning process.