Equality NC


Equality NC - Get Out the Vote

In 1960, US voter turnout hit a high of barely 64%. In 2014, it was just over 36%. Young voters turned out 1/3 under the rate of any other voting group, with only 19% of this group voting in 2014.

For 2016, we worked together with Equality NC and the GILL Foundation to try and move the needle, at least a little. The Get Out the Vote, non-partisan campaign featured a 30 second commercial.

One of our main focuses at Myriad is care for the communities we live in, and we all know that voter participation is the best way to move things in the best direction.

Remember, voting is easier than sneaking out of a rando’s bedroom. It’s also way easier than complaining for four years. Make your voice heard now, it’s easier that way.

The video received over 232,000 views and 3,000 engagements on Facebook alone.