Hepcat Race


Each year, Creative Strategist Tina Haver Currin has helped organize a scavenger-style bicycle race through downtown Raleigh. It’s called the Hepcat, and it’s a pretty good time. All the proceeds from the race go to SAFE Haven for Cats, our area’s first no-kill shelter with over $10,000 being donated. The lady in purple, below, works for SAFE Haven. As you can see, she is really happy to be raising money for the cats.


The1,500+ ridership is truly all types—young, old, competitive, sluggish—and that’s part of the fun. Hepcat favors inquisitive folks who love downtown Raleigh and are willing to solve clues to find their route—not necessarily the fastest cyclist. 2013’s race occurred around the time our newest producer, Alysse Campbell, came on board, and she was immediately interested in creating a short promotional piece for it. While we’re pretty sure she found the race interesting, we equally as sure she saw the opportunity for filming with live kittens. And so, that’s what we did.


This video came together over the course of a few days, with production maverick Kent Willard manning both camera and post. Tina was in charge of creative direction and scripting, and Alysse produced the spot. It was a fast-paced team effort that resulted in a really fun video, and a scene of a kitten drinking at a bar. Most of our staff makes a cameo.