King Mez – “Morris”


Morris (Black Prince Part II)

Myriad Media has a long history with L.A.-via-Raleigh rapper King Mez.

This is the second in a series of two videos we produced for the artist. “Morris” is a prequel to “Can’t Let Go,” which together tell a semi-autobiographical story about Mez’s childhood growing up in southeast Raleigh (Morris is Mez’s given name).

The video was created to support his 2014 album, Long Live The King.

“Morris” was produced as a Campsite project, led by two employees with a passion for hip-hop. Production included many very long, very intensive 14-hour days and lots of pre-production.

Jah stars in King Mez

“Morris” includes several technical camera moves, like running a seamless shot from the interior of a house to the exterior through an open window and down the side of the historic Mecca Restaurant in downtown Raleigh. The rig, a MoVI, was neither little nor light, so this was no small feat. Many locations meant the crew was always on the move.

The video has been featured in publications like The Fader, Pitchfork, Uproxx, INDYweek, and NPR.