Polka Dot Mama – These Tan Lines Don’t Fade


Melanoma is one of the most devastating diseases out there. It’s one the most deadly and aggressive cancers, and everyone is at risk. Polka Dot Mama Foundation needed its own video to help promote awareness and empathy, but in a way that stood out from so many foundation videos. Active tanning is a core danger for melanoma, and at it’s heart, tanning is connected so heavily to our need to look good. We wanted to contrast this desire with the devastating results that can occur.

“As a three time Melanoma survivor and the Founder and CEO of the Polka Dot Mama Melanoma Foundation I have a strong commitment to educating, raising awareness and promoting early detection for Melanoma. I had a vision of creating a video that would tell a story and educate people on what “Melanoma looks like”.I wanted to depict real people, real warriors and give them a voice. I wanted to put a face this terrible disease that affects so many.”

Tracy Callahan, Founder, Polka Dot Mama Foundation