Polka Dot Mama – Skin Cancer Sucks

Skin Cancer Sucks Campaign

We started working with Polka Dot Mama, a melanoma advocacy organization, with the idea of an event fund raising video. We quickly discovered a need for promoting the dangers of tanning to young girls. This audience doesn’t so well to talking head cancer survivor videos, so we tried to find something a bit outside the normal approach.

“We couldn’t be more excited about how our #skincancersucks spots turned out. We gave full creative reign to Myriad Media and they did not disappoint. We were targeting a younger audience and wanted to take a humorous approach but deliver a serious message.”


The team created some concepts that quickly correlated the dangers of tanning with certain dangerous activities; active beach tanning and the use of tanning beds. Microwaves and skillets! Of course, then we had to figure out how to pull them off in a way that would resonate with a young audience.

While sitting with neighbors on Halloween, Tony (Director) discovered his neighbors daughter, Christina, love to mess around with stop-motion animation. Bam!