Stainmaster - #MyPerfectMess

What is your perfect mess?

Usually, the word “mess” carries a bad connotation. But Stainmaster, an advanced technology used in commercial applications like clothing, soft goods, and carpet, wanted to encourage viewers to reimagine what a mess could mean. What if a mess simply captured a perfect moment in time, when we were sharing and creating memories with friends and loved ones?

Together with Pace, the largest independently owned content agency in the United States, we created a 15-second spot that imagines a fairly common perfect mess—the slumber party. The fun began at local rock club Kings, where we held auditions with excited youngsters and many cans of silly string. Our team got involved in the fray, too. Check out Senior Producer Marisa Sheilds, below, getting her makeup touched up. Fun times.


Selfie stick? Check. That silly stuff that sprays out of a can? Check. First time supervising a slumber party? Yep. The hardest part was waiting for the dad-manicure to dry. The best part? Being in the middle of the mess. Everybody, bring it in. Floor hug.
That’s #MyPerfectMess.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 11.48.25 AM

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 11.47.57 AM

We shot on-location at Tribuzio-Hilliard Studio & Creative in Greensboro, NC. We had an exciting day, with a full crew setup. The excitement was only compounded by the professional hair and makeup—and many more cans of very messy silly string—given to our three young “slumber party” attendees.

The bright-green face mask that our dad had to sport didn’t hurt, either.

We shot with an ARRI Alura Zoom, a lightweight and compact lens that provides high contrast and resolution for sharp, punchy images.


Slack for iOS Upload-4

Ultimately, the spot was used as part of a social media campaign that encouraged users to submit their own perfect mess by using the tagline, “When Everything’s Perfectly Un-perfect. That’s #MyPerfectMess.” The spot was accompanied by last-minute slumber party games for parents who happen to find themselves in a similar boat, as well as guides for choosing the perfect carpet for kids’ bedrooms.

Ultimately, three lucky winners received new Stainmaster carpet for one room and a $500 retail gift card.

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