#iWannaGo Twitter Campaign

Travelocity’s Roaming Gnome spreads the word about the online travel agency, but it also inspires would-be travelers to take the plunge and “Go and Smell the Roses” in the location of their dreams.

For this campaign, we partnered with ad agency McKinney to create a series of 60 Vines that were distributed in real-time to Twitter users who used the #IWannaGo hashtag.

We spent a hectic day on set selecting tweets, writing scripts and recording voiceover with a British actor across the pond, and then rapidly assembling the scenes to respond to each tweet with a personalized video from the Gnome.

The playful Vines resulted in the most mentions of the @RoamingGnome in a 24-hour period in the account’s five-year history, and increased Travelocity’s Twitter following by 125%. The videos also racked up 125 million YouTube views and 483 million impressions.