It’s Been A Joy!

Posted by Tony on December 20, 2012

Been thinking about the year 2012. Every year ends like this: Looking back. The bad years, you look back at what went wrong; the good years, you look back and smile. This was a very good year.

Was it a good year for business? Yes, but that’s not really the context in which I’m thinking about things. This was a fantastic year because of the people we all worked with. Our old school and new school Myriad peeps, amazing clients, and wonderful, dedicated people who worked with us. When I say this year was off-the-charts crazy… well, the only difference between good crazy and bad crazy is the people you get crazy with. This was as good as it gets.

It all comes down to loving what you do, being around others who love what they do, and being really thrilled with the results. Joy! It’s the word that seems to ring true about this year. Projects and clients who were a joy to work with. Joy to see tons of amazing projects and heart. Joy coming to the office each day and hearing the buzz as Myriad wakes up.

Joy Joy Joy.

And that’s the way it should be. What do you do with all that extra joy?

We went shopping.

It was a pretty decent list of stuff to get. Five kids, two moms and a baby due in January. We adopted two families for Christmas!

We picked up a “nice to have” and a “need gift” for each of the five kids, Daniel made stockings for everyone, we got the mom a gift card, and the whole family is getting a PS3 with a couple of games. The expectant mom (and baby) are getting a large assortment of clothes, bottles, diapers & essentials, a diaper bag, a stroller/car seat combo, and a hefty gift card.

We wrapped it all up this week and dropped it by SAFEchild, an organization that works to prevent domestic violence. Awesome people, tough work. Needless to say, it’s a place that could use a bit of extra joy.

It seemed the most fitting way to say thanks. Thanks to each of you who busted your ass, stayed focused, and stayed true to helping one another out. It’s been an amazing ride, an honor to be associated with you all, and the most surreal joy.

And because you—each of you—we got to box up that joy and send it to others who really could use the help and the heart.

The deepest wishes for a fantastic Christmas!