#superordinary hairnets

Posted by Chris on December 16, 2015


We’ve been working with Stop Hunger Now for about a year now. We jumped right in early this year by going to Haiti for our first project. We had worked with Karen, our client, many times before, back when she was at her previous employer, so we already had rapport and trust with her.  She’s one of the nicest people, and she truly cares about the work that SHN does.  She really inspired us to make more of a commitment and live up to Myriad Way #9:  Make a Difference.

We decided we had to do more. SHN needed some other video assets, including a new instructional video for their meal packaging events. We realized this would be a perfect opportunity to do a meal packaging event ourselves, which would help feed thousands of people, and help out a great organization.


We quickly realized that we were going to need a bigger space, and we’d need a place to film it, too. We immediately considered Trailblazer Studios and their large studio as the ideal spot. I connected with Eric Johnson, who has been a Myriad collaborator for more than 20 years. He loved the idea, ran it by some of his team members, and people were on board. We nailed down the date, started sending out invites and making plans.

The day of the meal packing event started early, as we were also shooting scenes for the instructional video. By mid-afternoon, we had captured the necessary shots and the larger group of volunteers began to arrive. Zack, our Stop Hunger Now facilitator, got everyone in and at their designated stations. There’s a funnel station, a weighing station, a sealing station and a boxing station. There are also a few designated “runners” that bring ingredients to the tables, and take filled bags to the weigh stations. I manned the boxing station, donning my hairnet and a tape gun.

Once folks got into a rhythm, the bags started flying at me. Before we knew it, we heard the first GONG! That meant we had packed 1000 meals. Everyone cheered and got right back into rhythm, a perfect assembly line.  The music kept us in time.

We had over 80 volunteers help us meet our goal of packing 20,000 meals.  It was a great event, and we got lots of feedback from folks about how much fun they had, and how cool it was to contribute to a great cause. I feel pretty confident we will have another event next year.  We’ll stretch that goal too!