Almuerzo Creativo – Effective Interviews

Posted by Malia on October 11, 2012

During our most recent Almuerzo Creativo session, we watched two great videos centered around interviews. They had notable similarities; however, there were several small differences between the two that gave them their own unique style.

In the first video, there’s a good mix of Jon Contino speaking direct to camera and eye-catching b-roll. The video successfully captures his happiness, his genuine nature, his love for his work, his values and his bubbling personality. I don’t know about you, but I immediately wanted to have a beer with this guy after I watched the video.

Additionally, the camera was a little shaky… which in this case, I liked. The movement and imperfection added to the unique character of the video, and was in line with Jon’s brand. His work is beautiful, but there is roughness and texture to it, which is echoed in the style of videography.

The Smokehouse had a different feel to it. The shots were smoother, cleaner and more polished. There was a natural beauty to them, which aligned itself with the outdoorsy, craftsman-style theme of the video. The stylized b-roll was woven together by thoughtful narrative, but the video itself only showed the interview subject speaking direct-to-camera one time. In this video, the b-roll really told the story, complemented by the interview content.