Shoot Better Quality iPhone Videos With These 6 Products

Posted by Ricardo Roberts on January 7, 2013

Your iPhone shoots incredible 1080p HD video right out of the box. Why not take it to the next level by adding these affordable accessories? You’ll be surprised at the images you can produce with the same device you use to play Angry Birds and check Facebook.

Glif iPhone Tripod Mount

This neat little tripod, made by two guys in Brooklyn, is very promising. You can purchase a keyring for it so you’re sure to always have it on hand, and it can be used to prop up your phone for hands-free Facetime or video watching. Check out the Studio Neat website for more info.


Ollo Clip iPhone Lens

The Ollo Clip is an ingenious way to get more from your phone. Its quick-connect lens system allows you to effortlessly switch among macro, wide, and fish-eye lenses. Check out the gallery—there are some great shots that you won’t believe were filmed on an iPhone.



The DiffCase doubles as a tripod mount and everyday case for your phone, allowing you to go from ringing grandma to propping up a near-professional grade video rig in seconds. The company also sells another case that allows you to mount a pro Rode microphone on top. I could see us whipping this out to to get decent on-location interviews, functional for some of our productions. But shhh, don’t tell anyone I said that.


Pico Flex Dolly

You have to watch the video to truly appreciate what the Pico Flex can do. Years ago, we used dollies with long tracks, and spent hours setting them up. Now, all you need is a flat surface to work out some pretty impressive moves. This won’t replace a traditional dolly, but it can add production value at a very affordable price. The Pico Flex is also compatible with many DSLRs, like the Canon 5D. Often, crews don’t have the time, budget or people to set up a dolly shot. With the Pico Flex, there’s no excuse, brah.


iM2 iPhone Microphone

Tascam has been making professional grade audio recording gear since 1971. Leave it to them to turn your phone into a pro recording device for under $100.00. You can use this 1.5 ounce iM2 mic to record and sync audio with your DSLR video or, you can couple it with the on-board video camera to capture interviews in the field. There’s even a windscreen you can purchase so your takes won’t be blown if you’re shooting outside.


FiLMiC Pro Video Recording App

FiLMic Pro was recently featured in the Zacuto Great Camera Shootout, where the world’s best cameras are operated by the world’s best cinematographers in a battle for supremacy. Guess what? This $4.99 app, coupled with an iPhone, beat the Sony FS-100 and tied the Canon C300 cameras.

It just proves what I always say: It ain’t the car, it’s the driver.

Go get this app and start shooting some video. Coupled with the Tascam mic, the Glif tripod and the Olio lens system, this tidy piece of software has disruptive technology written all over it.

Shoot on, shooters.