Posted by Will on July 11, 2012

Hi. A hearty welcome on behalf of team Myriad Media to The Barbershop, our newly minted blog. Glad you’re here. The name is derived from our Super Ordinary Haircuts brand, but also loosely syncs with elements of the real thing: A place where people talk, trade stories and share both value and values.

Those last two are key. I believe good communication, whether marketing or interpersonal, starts with two important things:

1. Providing something of value in return for the viewer’s attention; and

2. Conveying your values.

If we’ve got an editorial direction here, it’s that we’ll do our best to impart both, particularly in video form.

Value(s) give you meaningful, respectful and powerful ways to communicate with your audience. In the future, we’ll feature and discuss videos and other examples that do just that. We’ll mix in a few things just for fun, too. So, drop by The Barbershop whenever you need a little something off the top. I look forward to seeing you around.


My best,