Video Production That Makes You Care

Posted by Malia on April 9, 2013

This video by General Electric, originally shared through a Myriad Media allstaff email, has inspired many conversations among our employees. The reason we like it is simple: The video makes you care. GE could have opted to record the blah-blah benefits of their jet engines, complete with information about how GE has been making airplane parts since who cares. But they didn’t. Instead, they made a video about the people behind the company and what their jobs mean to them.

Our copywriter, Tina, explained her take over email: “The way you keep your brand in the forefront of people’s minds, the way you really make them get it, is to give people something of value. So, this is a group of people who make jet engines. Okay, cool. But, go beyond that… this is a group of people who make the world smaller, a group of people whose primary responsibility is to keep thousands of other people safe each day. You’ve got to connect to the universal, to stand for something beyond just your brand or your occupation. This video was never about building jet engines. There were no details about physics or metals, and barely a description of what they do or how they do it. It was about pride, care, attention to detail, safety, imagination, courage… it was about things that really matter.”

Even though the messaging is what holds this video together, we also have to give props to the technical elements of the video, too. The music, interview content, b-roll, and pace of the editing all work wonderfully together. And the photography? Pretty incredible. BBDO Worldwide was the agency who produced this for GE, and as usual, we were quite impressed with their work.

Check out the video, which is based out of Durham, NC: