Summer Interns – Part Two

Hey friends. In my last post, you learned some fun facts about our Marketing Intern, Luke Campbell. In this post, I’m giving you a sneak peek at the one and only Todd Leonard. He is our Production Intern this summer. One thing that you cannot fully grasp from this post is how insanely tall Todd is. The dude is 6’5″ and towers over everyone here. Luckily, he uses his height to his advantage in his signature dance move—The Apple Picker—which I would say closely rivals Marisa’s Fire Thrower. I suppose we will find out which move triumphs at the next Myriad Dance Party.

Todd Leonard
Production Intern
Elon University

1. What made you apply for this internship?

I have a passion for video production, and wanted to take part in an experience where I would be able to be involved with (or learn about) each step of a production process at a company such as Myriad. When looking through Myriad Media’s website, I became very intrigued in the company culture and enjoyed their videos. I also love the Raleigh area, so it was a definite plus that the internship is so close to home (I live in Cary).

2. Who are your heroes/influencers?

  • My mom and dad are big heroes in my life.  They influence the way I treat others, carry myself, as well as my outlook on life. They have supported me through everything I’ve been through, and their love means the world to me.
  • In terms of celebrity heroes and influencers, Quentin Tarantino is a big hero of mine. He was one of the first directors I came to enjoy when my interest in cinema began. I love how each film he makes is uniquely his own, and people come to expect certain qualities in his films. Being so involved in the production process of his work, beginning with when an idea pops in his head, motivates me to be continually invested in my work.
  • I also love Daniel Day-Lewis. He’s a huge influence of mine because of how immersed he is in his work. It’s so much more than that though, because he’s such a humble and kind guy. Having so many accolades and so much praise for his work, it’s amazing seeing how sweet of a guy he is – at least publicly. He’s drawn to films that challenge him, and have a story that’s genuinely interesting. Selecting work based on projects that interest and challenge him, instead of simply doing it for the money, is also a great quality of his that influences me.

3. Least marketable talent or hobby?

My least marketable talent is how working at a grocery store for over 4 years as a bagger has allowed me to be a very quick and precise bagger. If you want your cold and hot items separated in the least amount of time, I’m your guy.

4. Other hobbies?

Dancing, watching movies & television, photography/videography, playing sports with friends, biking, hiking, yelling things for no reason that make no sense, and playing video games.

5. What is your personal motto or mantra?

If you think you should stop dancing, you should probably still be dancing.

6. Favorite food in the whole world?

Chocolate chip cookies.

7. Most embarrassing moment?

I was happily jogging to my house with a slice of pizza in hand as I came from my neighbor’s house across the street.  Focusing on the delicious slice of pizza I was going to eat as soon as I got inside, I tripped on the curb and fell into the street. My right knee was stitched up at the time, and the stitches opened, so I had to go to the doctor to have the cut on my knee stitched back up. I never ate that slice of pizza.

8. Guilty Pleasure?

When no one’s around and the opportunity arises, I find myself watching reality television shows. I can recall watching a good chunk of a Teen Mom marathon on MTV. Even Jersey Shore or The Real World, which many people consider not so great, I can keep watching for hours and hours. It’s weirdly addicting to me.

9. Favorite book?

Happy Cruelty Day!

10. Favorite three films?

Pulp Fiction, Magnolia, The Big Lebowski.