The Myriad Way

At Myriad Media, we aim to conduct our business by the same principles that we live our lives.


#1: Help People.

Myriad was built on making lasting differences in ourselves, our work and our communities. Teamwork, partnership and making a difference are more than just buzzwords to us, they’re business. Be a helpful and positive resource to our clients, vendors and co-workers.


#2:Live Your Story.

At Myriad, no one should ever feel like they have to act like someone they aren’t. In fact, our differences are what bring strength and uniqueness to our organization. Share your points of view with confidence and live your story authentically. Honor the same from your peers because trust and collaboration require openness, humility and flexibility.


#3: Connect

Genuine relationships are built by understanding other people’s point of view and being honest with one another. Form broad networks to empower your work with perspective and depth; qualities that will be hard to come by if you remain tucked inside safely defined borders.

When creating, empathy is a powerful way to inspire your audience. Ask, listen and observe to know what matters. This will help inform the ideas, images and sounds that move them.


#4: Play.

We will all be happier and more successful when we discover a sense of fun and improvisation in our work. Loosen up and rekindle your kidlike curiosity; play and experiment with new ways of doing things. Be a “yes &….” thinker.

Make things you love for the joy of creating. Take a walk, but go somewhere different this time. Seek out chances for a little adventure, you might be surprised when you find it. As we like to say, “go camping!”


#5: Take Ownership.

You may not be a business owner, but you can own your business. Myriad’s success is up to each of us. Ask the question, “how might we….?” Then act on it. Have an investment mindset. Hold yourself and others accountable for what is promised. Discover and create opportunities that will move the company forward and simultaneously strengthen the core.


#6: Imagine More.

We aspire to do bold and surprising work. Strive for something better than great, something greater than the best. Sounds lofty, right? It is.

Going big means you will screw up at some point too. Just get back up and learn from the mistake. That’s how we make progress and get better.