The Myriad Way

At Myriad Media, we aim to conduct our business by the same principles that we live our lives.

#1: Help People

Be a helpful, positive resource to our clients, vendors and co-workers. We strive to always deliver on our commitments: When, where and as promised make every aspect of our engagements as simple and streamlined as possible. Teamwork, partnership and accountability are more than just buzzwords to us, they’re business.

#2: Walk in Other’s Zapatos.

Always practice empathy. This mindset is incredibly valuable for not only getting along with others, but also for fostering good communication. After all, we’re in this together.

#3: Mix Business & Pleasure.

We believe in having that long conversation over lunch, not taking ourselves too seriously, starting happy hour early and laughing often. However, we never forget that our clients are people with serious needs and objectives.

#4: Be Humble.

Be nice. Realize you don’t have all the answers and don’t act like you do.

#5: Make Continual Progress.

We seize opportunities to expand our knowledge, whether by reading a book, listening to a client, breaking down a meeting or reviewing a completed project. When we learn something valuable, we share it with the team; it makes us all better!

#6: Try it You Might Like It!

Actively seek out new experiences. Be unafraid of the unconventional and unique.

#7: Do More with Less.

Don’t throw money at a problem; be creative. Think critically and investigate all options that relate to projects, personnel, gear and, importantly, our clients’ budgets.

#8: Show, Don’t Tell. 

Don’t tell your target audience how great your product is; just show them. Don’t tell your collaborator you’ll do something; just do it. Don’t tell clients how great your customer service is; just help them.

#9: Make a Difference. 

Think long term. Volunteer both time and service. Exercise patience. Work with integrity. Our aim is to support our clients, employees and vendors, as well as those who do good locally and globally. We put goodness in and hope to receive goodness in return.

Our company also lives by a code of ethics in compliance with IBM guidelines.