The Myriad Media Launch Guide to Video

Posted by Luke on January 22, 2014

You’ve experienced the thrill of video production. If your production was successful, you now have a video with compelling, shareable content. Your video can change or enhance the perception of your brand, form a connection between a viewer and your product or generate funding for a project. But don’t get too comfortable. You’re at halftime with a solid lead—but you won’t get results without promotion.

Follow these seven tips to grab your target audience’s attention.

Build anticipation by sharing pictures, behind-the-scenes clips, and interesting
production stories.

Get everyone involved in the video talking about it:

Have folks use a short, memorable hashtag such as: #PXLaunch, #MyriadWay, or an abbreviation of the title.

Share photos or videos on Instagram and Vine with hashtags of the video’s theme (#Raleigh or #Cycling, for example).

Tag photos with people and crew members who worked on the scene.

Set up an event for the release. Invite people to your workspace, or simply create a website event page or Facebook event and invite your fans to anticipate an online release.


Also consider Vimeo as part of your strategy. Vimeo is associated with high quality, artful video, which will pique the curiosity of the creative community.

Before you publish, join and interact with Vimeo groups related to your video. Vimeo also has a Shout Box at the bottom of its Staff Picks page. The staff watches every video shared here (ain’t that nice!) and may choose to feature your video on this popular highlight page.

Psst: Don’t worry about other video sharing sites. We think YouTube and/or Vimeo are
all you need.

On your own website, make sharing dead simple for your visitors. You might consider creating social sharing buttons at

Choose a high-quality thumbnail that represents your video’s most interesting content. Don’t settle for an auto-generated thumbnail. Ideal features:

Close-ups of faces

Foreground separated from the background

High contrast

Note: You need to become a YouTube Partner in order to choose a custom thumbnail. It’s as simple as a buzz cut—just allow advertisements alongside your video, and you’ve made the team. Find out more from YouTube.

It includes the words in the title, tags, description, and file name of a video, including the name of your raw video file. YouTube and other search engines use all of this information for ranking purposes. Keywords, themes, and notable associations should be incorporated into metadata to give your video the best chance at a high
search ranking.

Consider repeating a keyword in your title. For example, “Cold-Brewed Coffee with a Story: Slingshot Coffee”

Put keywords first, branding second.

In your description, link back to your company’s website or social accounts.

Make tags in order of importance. Tag common words (such as camera), as well as specific words or descriptions (such as Canon 5D.)


If Simon Cowell tells us you’re a great singer, we’ll cut you a check. Influencers are generally bloggers and people with large or niche followings on social media, and there are multiple ways of reaching out to them.

Via email: Keep emails short, but give influencers a unique angle. Follow up, but don’t be pushy. Your email is an invitation, not a direction. In general, look for a personal email address as opposed to a submission form.

Via Twitter: Follow the influencer and interact with him or her by tweeting at the influencer, replying, retweeting, etc.

Via blogs: Ensure your content would fit on the blog, and make it clear to the influencer that you’ve read up. Mention if you think there’s potential for future partnership. A long-term relationship is better than a one-post stand.

If you have a product or service to offer to the influencer, generosity will often
help your cause.


But, they most likely have an email address. If not, they’ll have to wait until the video comes out on VHS. Marketers who use video in email reported higher click-through rates, longer durations of time reading the email, and increased sharing.

Create a succinct write-up to accompany your video. Avoid making a pitch or sending a lengthy message; those who are interested will contact you. Send emails to primary targets the day of the video’s launch and to secondary targets later in the week—or over a period of weeks—to keep momentum going.

Remember, email is personal and direct, so make sure you’re not blasting your video to random people who you haven’t had meaningful contact with.


This means you’ll need to revise the title, tags, and description of your video to make it more SEO-rich. You don’t necessarily need a catchy title; sacrificing intrigue for content-rich keywords will make your video more likely to pop up in searches on its subject.

Put annotations on the video to direct viewers to new, related content. Here’s YouTube’s guide to annotations.

Add the video to a playlist of related content.

Use your video in a timeline on your company’s website.

In your video’s description, include the URL of a landing page or social media account that you want to drive viewers to.

Facebook and Twitter have improved their paid advertising platforms, which can expand the reach of both your video and your Facebook or Twitter account.

Facebook Advertising allows you to either run an ad or a sponsored story. An ad will be shown to a demographic of your choosing (such as people in Washington, D.C., who like craft beer), and a sponsored story will be shown to friends of the people who engage with your page, app, or event. Either way, you’ll only pay per click on your content.

With Twitter Advertising, you can target a user based on his or her username, geography, device, gender, interest, and/or keywords in his or her tweets to deliver a promoted tweet to the user’s timeline. You only pay when targeted users click, reply to, retweet, or favorite your promoted tweet or when targeted users follow your promoted account.

YouTube also has many advertising options, including Google AdWords for video.

Think of how many takes and retakes went into getting the perfect shots for your video. One click of the camera doesn’t suffice when shooting, and clicking upload isn’t enough when distributing a video. Some steps, like feeding to the right websites and choosing a thumbnail, just require you to know what’s right. You’ll need to plan more in order to hype your video and to get it publicized by influencers, but you made the video for a reason. The smiles, laughs, nods, tears, and exclamations that viewers share will be worth the hard work you put into promotion. And, of course, let us know if there’s any way we can help.

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