Almuerzo Creativo

Posted by Malia on May 14, 2013

Every other Thursday at noon, we take a rare, collective pause from our projects to gather ’round the conference table during our creative lunch, affectionately known around these parts as “Almuerzo Creativo.” Focusing on creativity from start to finish, we share videos, as well as food, that is adventurous, bold and sometimes startling. We’ve shared everything from PSAs to documentaries, from empanadas to hibiscus popsicles.

The overarching goal of these lunches is to give our entire team a solid, uninterrupted hour to spend chewing on something (figuratively and literally). Whether we’re discovering a new idea for our production process, or simply talking about how we could have approached a past project differently, we’re all encouraged to push until we each walk away with something. Or, we might just talk about the relative merits and flaws of the hibiscus popsicle. The important part is that our minds continue to stay not only well fed—but hungry.

Here are two of the videos we have shown so far:

Honda: Failures

HBO: I Still Have a Soul

If you have any suggestions about inspiring videos to share for future lunches, we’d love to know. Send ‘em our way!