Almuerzo Creativo – Bikeloc

Posted by Malia on August 3, 2012

Our topic of conversation during this week’s Creative Lunch focused on the importance of maintaining visual interest during interview-based videos. Last week, we had a good conversation about how to get your interviewees to provide valuable content. So this week, it seemed natural to talk about how to make their content look good.

Take the video we watched yesterday as an example:

You will notice that in this video, there are only a few seconds of actual interview content shown at one time. Even though we may hear the audio portion of the different interviews, the video cuts to interesting b-roll and unique portrait shots every couple of seconds.

If you are limited in time or you don’t have the ability to shoot multiple people, locations, or objects, try to think creatively about what you can shoot. Get close-ups of the subject’s hands. Get shots of the interviewee laughing or smiling at the camera. Always give yourself options of things you can cut to during the edit. Depending on your budget, graphics and stock footage are other options you can turn to. The right approach simply depends on your specific goals for the video.

So, in sum, when it comes time to creating a video that is primarily woven together by interview content, please oh please do not show two minutes straight of a talking head. I beg of you. Unless, of course, you are shooting an interview with Ryan Gosling — if that is the case, I give you permission to show him straight to camera for two minutes.

Cheers, and happy Friday!