Almuerzo Creativo – Seven Minutes of Terror

Posted by Malia on July 20, 2012

This week, the video shown during Almuerzo Creativo led to a thoughtful discussion about the importance of interviewing on set. We felt that one of the main reasons why the video was successful was because of the good interview content. The individuals who spoke to camera were thoughtful, engaging, and genuinely excited about their topic.

Getting good interview content is not easy, and it often boils down to whether or not the interview subject feels comfortable on set.  Making sure that the producer or interviewer has time to prepare well in advance, and also has the ability to solely focus on the interview subjects on the day of the shoot is paramount. This will allow them to get the most out of the interviews and direct the talent appropriately.

Not only was the content of the video good, but the style and framing of the interviews was also very interesting. The tight shots worked really well because they added to the intensity and excitement of the video. The lighting was dramatic, and even though in other cases it might be “too much,” it worked well in this situation.

Overall, we were big fans of this video. Everything from the graphics, to the stylized shots worked hand in hand. And the Lily’s Pizza we had to keep the conversation rolling wasn’t so bad either.