Almuerzo Creativo – The Roving Typist

Posted by Malia on March 12, 2014

During last week’s Almuerzo Creativo, Ryan shared a very cool video made by his friend at Vimeo. Filmmaker  Mark Cersosimo recently finished a short documentary called “The Roving Typist.” In it, he tells the tale of C.D. Hermelin, a young writer who travels around New York City and creates stories for strangers—all on his typewriter.

Writing stories on an antiquated device for random people in the city is a bit of a quirky concept, but when you’re listening to Hermelin’s story, and witnessing the touching encounters he’s had along the way, the idea just makes sense. It feels comfortable.

The way the interviews are shot, the cinematography, music, and pace of the editing all work seamlessly to match Hermelin’s personality. They highlight his intelligence, humor, quirkiness, and his thoughtful and humble nature.

Mark Cersosimo was able to capture some great content in his interviews, and Hermelin’s story is universal and compelling. We might not all want to write stories, but most of us would like to know we have the guts to take a risk and try something unique. Pursuing your passion—whether for work or as a hobby—and not knowing what the outcome will be (let alone if it will be successful) is a scary thing.

When Cersosimo learned about the Roving Typist, he approached him on a whim. So, in a way, the video mirrors Hermelin’s approach to writing stories. Both creators had an idea—and went for it. Two like-minded people with similar values and similar creative approaches made a video. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Thanks for the awesome share, Ryan!