The Reverse Pitch

Posted by Tina on July 26, 2013

Fantasy Interactive (Fi) has re-imagined the way we book flights online. Check out their redesign, with “rich, immersive imagery,” interactive maps, and built-in airport data, all in a clean, practical website. The catch? No airline has actually commissioned such a redesign. At least, not yet. The folks at Fi created the concept based on what they’d like to see, and then sent their idea to airlines via Twitter.

We’ve often considered the idea of the “reverse pitch,” that is, choosing a client and creating the approach you would like to see, rather than waiting for them to approach you, idea in hand. It’s risky, of course: You’re putting time and resources into what could result in little more than, “Well, that was fun.” But if it works…

What do you think? Fi is a smart company with a great concept. Will an airline bite?