WKNC Lounge Sessions

Posted by Grant on November 6, 2013

Though you may think radio is a dying breed, there are plenty of fantastic outlets that would argue otherwise. Many stations have been thriving in recent years, despite the swift rise of online music resources. Sure, you can always click through Spotify’s recommended artist section, but there’s just something about the personalization of a radio DJ that an algorithm can’t touch.

Although some people may think that radio is antiquated, radio stations are finding new ways of creating sharable content. Organizations like KEXP and NPR have established their own video series, where artists join them in the studio for intimate performances, and then share them through the Internet.

Recently, North Carolina State University’s student-run radio station, WKNC, began a web series of their own called The Lounge. The series will feature both touring and local artists who record brief, stripped-down performances to just a few camera operators and an audio engineer.

Last week, WKNC debuted the first installment, featuring the mesmerizing finger-style guitarist Daniel Bachman. Bachman recently relocated to Chapel Hill from Virginia, and the North Carolina music community has been quick to embrace him. Bachman’s serene stylings fit perfectly within the stripped-down vibe at the The Lounge, and set the bar high for future sessions. WKNC has already announced that the follow-up to this debut comes from Jackson Scott, the indie rock wunderkind from Asheville.

As a lover of music, I’m excited to see where The Lounge goes from here. So, sit back in your most comfortable chair and soak in the sounds of WKNC’s debut Lounge session with Daniel Bachman!