About Us

We’re Myriad, a video agency creating stories for technology brands that are changing the world. Over our 25 year history, we’ve developed a particular outlook on video.

We believe audiences expect to gain something of value for their time —to be entertained, educated or simply have their perspective represented. Myriad’s purpose is to find the path that helps you connect in a meaningful manner.

That means telling relatable stories. It’s the most powerful, vivid way for brands to reach audiences and build trust.

Relatable stories. A mother trying to reconnect with her daughter during a deadly hurricane. (more details)

We imagine more for ourselves and our clients.

That imagination encourages us to tinker until our work expands a brand’s story and effects the bottom line. It’s a boldness that requires being creatively resilient by taking risks and finding comfort in originality.

The payoff is videos that stand out with budgets that go further because the audience is highly engaged.

Imagine more: sometimes, this means researching existing museum videos and find most of them are boring. Therefore, we vow not to make that same mistake for our clients. (more details)


Our worldview is fused with a sense of ongoing wonder—call it curious optimism.

Indeed, the unknowable future is bright with opportunity. That’s one reason you’re in business. Us too. We want our work to be celebratory, affirming, and genuine. Never nihilistic, nor disparaging.

We expect Myriad to be a diverse representation of all society.

Diverse perspectives, experience and ideas fuel creativity. The differences our people bring to work enriches creative output and leads to better business results. A diverse staff and crew isn’t a passing fad, it’s common sense. It’s also critical to our values, mission and work.

We believe in the power of open collaboration.

We don’t follow the ethos of the agency as a lone wolf creative superhero. Everyone’s voice is heard during the design process; from creatives and executives to interns.

This means getting together in person and developing a shared creative vision as partners—each of us playing to our unique strengths.


Myriad is values driven; so are our favorite clients.

This sense of community is essential to our work product as well as our workplace. It’s what we call "The Myriad Way" and we overlay it on everything we do. It speaks to the impact we expect to have on the world and guides our daily output.

In short, we are a team of optimists, creating relatable stories told with verve.

This seemingly simple approach can be hard to pull off consistently. But, when we partner with clients whom we share a sensibility about the world the results are memorable.


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Our Clients


  • + HERMES Creative Award, Platinum, "Every Second Counts" - Digital Marketing Campaign
  • + HERMES Creative Award, Platinum, "Every Second Counts" - Marketing Video
  • + TELLY Award, Gold, "UNCSA - What it Takes" - Colleges and Universities Promotional Video
  • + TELLY Award, Bronze, "Every Second Counts" - Branded Video B2B
  • + ADDY Award, Gold, DHL “How Fast is Fast”
  • + ADDY Award, Gold, DHL “WellStat”
  • + ADDY Award, Gold, Blount Street Commons “Point of Purchase”
  • + ADDY Award, Gold, Myriad Media "Super Ordinary Haircuts"
  • + ADDY Award, Gold, ACC - United Way "Live United"
  • + ADDY Award, Gold, Slingshot Coffee Company "Slingshot Promo Video"
  • + ADDY Award, Gold, Syngenta "Advanced Crop Lab"
  • + ADDY Award, Gold, Babylon
  • + ADDY Award, Gold, NCMA "#NCMAabcs"
  • + ADDY Award, Gold, IBM "IoT Services"
  • + ADDY Award, Gold, truth "truth x vans"
  • + ADDY Award, Silver, NCMA "#NCMAcars Micromurals"
  • + ADDY Award, Silver, Atlantic 10 Conference "A-10 Men's Basketball"
  • + ADDY Award, Silver, Equality NC "No Regrets - Get Out the Vote"
  • + ADDY Award, Silver, Spoonflower "Find Your Sound"
  • + ADDY Award, Bronze, Raleigh Murals Project "#MakeRaleighColorful"
  • + ADDY Award, Silver, Southeast Toyota "#40on440"
  • + ADDY Award, Silver, NCMA "Find Yourself"