Family Leave Policy

Eligible employees are entitled to paid parental leave following the birth, adoption, or foster care placement of a child. To be eligible for paid parental leave, you must be a full-time employee with Myriad Media and have been employed in that full-time role with Myriad Media for a minimum of six (6) months when the paid parental leave begins.



Both the primary caregiver and secondary caregiver receive equal amounts of paid time off.

  • The primary caregiver is defined as the parent responsible for the predominant care of the child at home after birth or adoption.
  • The secondary caregiver is defined as the parent not responsible for the predominant care of the child at home.

{NOTE: Most family leave policies in the U.S. grant more paid time off to the primary caregiver. At Myriad, we do not provide any less time-off to secondary caregivers. Myriad believes that both parents deserve equal time with their family during such an important experience.}

The amount of paid time off employees receive is dependent upon their tenure in a full-time role with the company.    

  • After six months as a full-time employee, employees are entitled to receive one month of paid time off.
  • After nine months as a full-time employee, employees are entitled to receive two months of paid time off.
  • After twelve months as a full-time employee, employees are entitled to receive three months of paid time off.

For all caregivers, time is not required to be used consecutively but it must be used within the first twelve (12) months of birth, adoption or foster care.

Eligible employees can but are not required to apply for short-term disability benefits with Myriad Media during open enrollment or at the start-of-hire. Short-term disability benefits would be available in addition to and would not offset the paid time-off provided through this policy.

If more than one child is adopted simultaneously, only one Paid Childcare Leave can be taken. Paid Childcare Leave does not apply when adopting stepchildren.

In addition to the period of paid parental leave, the primary and secondary caregiver may request up to an additional twelve (12) weeks of parental leave without pay, subject to the approval of your manager and the President of Myriad Media. During that period of unpaid leave, the employee must pay for their insurance benefits in-full.

While on paid parental leave you will continue to receive all employee benefits previously provided on the same terms as an active employee and will remain eligible for salary increases and bonuses. If you remain on approved leave beyond the paid parental leave period, you will remain eligible to participate in the company’s health insurance plans, subject to your timely election of State Continuation Coverage and your payment of the full cost of such coverage for the duration of your leave.

In general, the total amount of time off for paid and unpaid parental leave should not extend beyond six (6) months for the primary and secondary caregiver. When you are ready to return from parental leave, the Company will attempt to reinstate you to your former position or one with equivalent pay, benefits, and other employment terms.  You are entitled to reinstatement, however, only if you would have continued to be employed had parental leave not been taken. For example, you are not entitled to reinstatement if, because of a layoff, reduction in force or other reason, you would not be employed at the time you seek to return to work.  Further, if you fail to return to work at the end of the approved leave period, you will be considered to have voluntarily resigned, effective as of the day following the last day of the authorized leave period.

The specific events covered in this policy (the birth, adoption and fostering of a child) fall outside the purview of our flexible time off policy and should be considered mutually exclusive.



Prior to taking leave, discuss your needs with your manager, HR, and the Partners. Your leave can begin up to a month before the actual birth, adoption or foster placement of the child. Modified schedules may be used before, during, and after leave as well, based on each employee’s specific situation and as job duties permit. All of the details of your leave and schedule need to be approved by the parties listed above and should be requested at least four months prior to the start of your leave. Furthermore, the agreed upon plan can always change. We want to be flexible and supportive during this time. There are a lot of unknowns. We will ensure you have the ability to care for your family in the way that is best for you.

Let’s work together to support each other during life events, both big and small. This is a formal way of providing support and this policy will work in a positive way when team communication is clear and honest. Please inform your teammates and other necessary departments of your plans as early as you know about them. Let’s maintain honest communication leading up to your departure so that everyone can plan and work accordingly.