2010s: We Went Camping

Jedidiah Gant - December 3, 2019

In 2013, Myriad President Will Feichter penned an article outlining how, as a company, we would do work that made a difference in our community, for our clients, and grow both personally and professionally. We named this initiative Campsite and set off to create an ongoing series of videos to stretch our skills, help others and have fun… free of client budgets, their goals, and resulting constraints. It was an effort not unlike efforts at Google, 3M and others where employees are given “on the clock” time to pursue any idea they chose.

What started as a simple idea of nurturing skills and creativity, has grown into a core tenant and mentality at Myriad. We now create several Campsite projects per year. Some are expansive and take months. Some are a minute and only take us a few hours or days to complete. Many combine talent across the company into teams, with each member tackling a new role. Others are personal projects pursued by an individual. They are passion projects. They have expectations, but are free-form. They are serious, yet fun.

We leaned into the campsite mentality in the 2010s. We wanted to create things we loved and wanted to share with friends and family. Or maybe we were doing the project for friends and family. Whatever the reason and cause, we learned a lot along the way that made us better employees, creatives, and ultimately company as a whole.

Over the past decade, as part of our Campsite initiative, we’ve made a variety of videos. We’ve made music videos for rappers and bluegrass bands. Videos for local bakeries, breweries, sign companies, and local farms. Videos about voting, murals, and all the chairs in Hunt Library. We’ve traveled to Haiti, Poland, and beyond. We were joined by unicorns, dogs, cats, cats, and more cats. We poured syrup on Brent’s head. We made some videos about socks that also included bananas.

Campsite is an integral part of our culture here at Myriad and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Feeling nostalgic about some of our Campsite projects, we’ve included a handful in the link below that haven’t surfaced in a while, but we love.

Watch all of our Campsite videos here and read more about the Campsite’s origins: “Let Our People Go Camping”