2010s: Growing Up Video Agency

Jedidiah Gant - December 3, 2019

In 2010, Myriad (est. 1993) was approaching its mid-teens. Angsty, maybe. Anxious, definitely. Wide-eyed for sure. Looking for new projects, new clients, and ways to improve ourselves and our work. We were optimistic about the world around us and the future in front of us.

Over these past 10 years, our work has evolved from partnerships with agencies to collaborating directly with clients and calling ourselves an agency. We used to show up and shoot. Now we dig deeper into our clients’ brand, their audiences, and develop creative concepts based on classic storytelling methods…all before pushing a single button on a camera.

We transitioned from a video production company to a video agency, adding strategy and creative to our service toolbox, while upping our production chops. We’ve found that it’s a much better way to make video that makes a difference for our clients.

Now entering our late 20s, we are, as a company, more confident and have amassed a portfolio of work we love. It’s almost as though we’ve graduated from college with a masters degree in creating dope video. But, you know, we are also life-learners, so we continue to build on this foundation weekly. We are becoming the professionals we always wanted to be in our teens.

Next up, our thirties. That may seem young and it is. Stan Lee didn’t create The Amazing Spiderman until he was 39, so we’ve got a whole franchise or two ahead of us.

As we look back over the past ten years, we have collected much of the work that we are proud of in this decade.

Check out our 2010s collection of videos here and of course, a lot more over on our Work Page.