2010s: Making Video Make a Difference

Jedidiah Gant - December 3, 2019

Myriad is over twenty years old. Almost thirty actually. But enough about age. Point is, we’ve seen a lot in our time. Trends come and go, so do presidents. The world around us continues to change, some of which is progressively great. Other aspects continue to need nurturing to push our community forward. Despite all this change, one thing that hasn’t changed is our desire to make a difference through our work.

Social impact has been at the core of Myriad since the early days of the company’s origins during a game of hacky sack. We each come to work on a daily basis to make video make a difference. It’s in our values, and we are passionate about finding new ways to solve outdated problems. In many cases, this includes creating videos with organizations and groups in our community that share our values.

This became a major initiative for us in the 2010s, with several videos per year focused on social impact issues. Whether it was helping an organization build a coalition of community volunteers or helping spread the word about the risk of skin cancer from sun exposure, we take these issues to heart and make the best video possible with the time and budget.

Videos about transgender rights, the importance of our right to vote, the story of a dreamer, and the hateful laws passed in our home state of North Carolina have all helped us become better humans and video partners. We put values before dollars in this case and are better for it.

From Equality NC, ACLU NC, Polka Dot Mama, Tea Time with Alex, YMCA, Stop Hunger Now, and United Way, we’ve continued to build relationships with these organizations and doing whatever we can to help them produce videos that speak truth to their message.

Check out those social impact videos and many others that have helped make a difference for our partners over the past decade.